Building the
Culture of Life

Vivere Publications is a Canadian non-profit organization that publishes, in English and in French, pamphlets, booklets, books, posters and other documents for educating about love and respect for all human life, from the moment of conception to natural death, whether one be handicapped, sick, elderly or not yet born.

Our approach is positive, scientific, objective and non-judgemental.

Individuals and organizations are welcome to download and copy free of charge all our publications.

We also offer conferences like “The Beauty and Power of Human Sexuality” and “How to Turn a Serious Diagnosis into New Life”. This latter conference explains the essential elements of true life and health. It instills tremendous hope in all about how to live harmoniously with nature. Pro-Life demeanour simply becomes a natural extension of this vibrant lifestyle.

Please print out the Vivere promo pamphlet (publication list), « Become a Builder of the Culture of Life/Devenez un artisan de la Culture de la Vie » and disseminate as largely as possible, on countertops, bulletin boards, in waiting rooms, churches, etc. (taking care to obtain the permission of the priest beforehand), click here. You can always print it in black and white if your funds are limited.


Vivere conferences to order : "The Beauty and Power of Human Sexuality" (see ENG 038, «Publications» page) and "How to Turn a Serios Diagnosis Into New Life and Dignity" (see ENG 039, «Publications» page).